(pronounced "eevi-eevi")

I trust many of you could compare your life to mine, a full-time working mother of two. This is me, i'm a corporate junkie, over independent woman who became a mother and suddenly the world I knew and the corporate ladder I was climbing fell right underneath me.

It was during my pregnancy i discovered what "life" was all about, i dare say this is a realisation many of us came to when we become mothers. I ditched the structured corporate way of thinking and decided to follow my creative flare.  

My wardrobe is FULL of handbags, some practical, some just for show and even some i spent far too much money on to admit. However i am still forever searching for the bag that has functionality, the bag that can be adaptable and given my new life of on-the-go motherhood - a bag that is durable.

Given these points i hope the designs of my ivyivy bags are just that. Available in colours that are suitable for any style or occasion.